WELCOME to our website. That you have chosen to visit our website, we earnestly consider you our distinguished guest and valued partner in our activities. We believe you share with us our permanent dream: the dream offering Dar es Salaam city residents and visitors the most cost-effective, reliable and sustainable transportation system.

Our name, Dar Rapid Transit Agency, is derived from a unique project we are implementing. We are implementing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) branded “Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project to put Dar es Salaam city on the world map of modern urban public transportation.

DART Agency is under the Prime Minister’s Office: Regional Administration and Local Government, which was established in accordance with the Executive Agencies Act Cap. 247. It came into operation on 25th May 2007, through Government Notice No. 120, charged with responsibility to effectively plan, coordinate and facilitate the provision of urban transport facilities and services and to ensure improved traffic management in Dar es Salaam City.

Projects of this nature are very few in the world. We are among the first in Africa to implement a Bus Rapid Transit system of this nature and magnitude. As an executing agency, we need and are soliciting co-operation and support from every Tanzanian, every resident in Tanzania, and especially from every Dar es Salaam city resident.

We understand our agency and our project are to a large extent unknown in and outside Tanzania. We are taking cautious steps to make our young agency known and our efforts known to a whole range of stakeholders – the ordinary citizens and decision makers. We hope the website will be a medium of information that will benefit a wide range of stakeholders.

DART project has a long history. It was conceived in 2003 to meet demands of modern urban public road transportation. The bulk of Dar es Salaam city residents have relied on public road transport for 50 years or so but the urban transport they relied on was awful particularly since late 1980s.

Dar es Salaam City has interesting features of a Third World city and it is Tanzania’s biggest commercial city. It is believed to be one of the fastest growing cities in Africa south of the Sahara. It has a population swelling annually and the geographical area of residents dependent on urban transport also increases annually and steadily. With an area of 1800 square kilometers, Dar es Salaam is known to have the biggest national urban population.The census of 2012 counted 4.4 million people in Dar es Salaam

In a fast growing city of Dar es Salaam and a fast developing Tanzania, an efficient, safe, environment-friendly, time-saving, and value-for-money transportation has ceased to be a casual necessity but it is now a basic need. That need has to be offered to our people. This is the task bequeathed on our Agency.

We are accountable to our commuters. They are our number one stakeholders; they are our employer. We are also accountable to the nation as we carry out the heavy responsibilities bestowed on our Agency.

Our great mandate has a price-tag. We have to remain result-oriented as we discharge our mandate. We are judged by our performance against our declared ambition: to maximize quality of service but at reasonable cost.

Nothing pays more than success. We are committed to work day and night to succeed despite the numerous challenges.

Result-oriented performance is our great ambition, but that ambition calls for a variety of things. We have to be transparent; we have to be inclusive; we have to be innovative; we have to be fair when dealing with all our stakeholders; we must be and are ready for public scrutiny.

I hope you will enjoy visiting our website and perhaps be ready to air your views and opinions concerning the project. For further information about the DART project, please contact the Chief Executive or Communication Manager through the following contacts.
Chief Executive
Dar Rapid Transit Agency (DART)
P.O. Box 724 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel. 0255 22 2461093, 2461094, 2461096
Fax: 0225 22 2461098:,